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The "Fish Bowl" addition - Tom Fish Memorial Skatepark - Gold Hill, OR

Amazing things happen when we all work together! Very fortunate to have been invited to help with this project. The new bowl and features are a great addition to the new-ish park. The original section was built only a couple years ago. It was a great start and now it's even better! Way to go Jan and Peter Fish and Can-Do for keeping the spirit up to get more park. Thank you for everything you all have done for this park, for skateboarders everywhere and for your community! 


Thank you, Dallas, for the photos!

Thank You, Thank You, Thank you ~


To All the incredible human beings that gave their ALL to make the new "Fish Bowl" and Feature Additions to the Tom Fish Memorial Skatepark in Gold Hill, OR. From start to finish it was a total group effort.  Late nights, early, early mornings, 100+ degree weather, thunder, lightning, hail storms, surrounded by smoke and fire.. All in all we had a lot of fun building a really fun little addition. It's the people here that really made it happen and SO Much FUN! Thanks to everyone for letting us be a part of such a wonderful experience. My heart is FULL and it's 100% thanks to ALL of you - you know who you are!! 


Thank you to CAN-DO for all your support and enthusiasm. You're all such a great group of people doing SO many great things for your community. Could not have done this without you!

Also, to the City of Gold Hill, Thank you for your support and accommodations. This is a wonderful park you have helped to provide for your community!!


And, of course, a Very Special Heartfelt Thank You to Jan and Peter Fish. The two of you are the heart and soul of this Creation. It's been a true pleasure being a part of this adventure with you.  Thank you for all the time and effort you have both put in to provide this amazing place for all of us. So much Love, Respect and Admiration for you both. 




Dallas Pearson
Willy Love
Tyler Ogilvie
Dillon Dixon
Happy Schomaker
Axl Schomaker
Nathan "Ox" Oxford
Nick Sizer
Sylas Overby
Dani Overby
Gage Bowman
Liz Wilson
Christina Love
Rylee Hurtley
Clint Willoughby


And a shout out to some of the other folks that stopped by to lend a hand or show their support...

Stuart, Johnny, Rayann, Izzy, Isaiah, Austin, Frank... and many others. 


A Private Little Backyard Bowl - Somewhere on Planet Earth

A little bit of work and a whole lot of fun!

Quality Control

Leave it to the Experts!  :)

Ketchikan, AK

The Shane Howard White Skateboard Park

The Ketchikan Skateboard park was another great project. Funded mainly by the Ketchikan Gateway Borough and the White Family along with a Tony Hawk Grant and lots of local fundraising. I can't say enough about this unique community to do it justice but TRULY, building this park and having the opportunity to be a part of the community was an experience of a lifetime. Local involvement and support was incredible. Being there, you really feel how much everyone wants to help provide fun activity options for the children. They're on an island. So, it was important to provide a creative park that was inviting for beginners yet challenging as the skateboarding abilities progressed. We can't give enough THANK YOU's to all the people that helped out with the project.

Decorative Skatepark Entrance Walkway
Left: Bob Fultz and Bobbie McCreary - Ketchikan Youth Initiatives; Right: Tommy White, Uncle of Shane Howard White showing his support at the Ground Breaking Ceremony

The US Coast Guard was SO kind and supportive to make a PRICELESS Donation. Not all donations were able to be integrated into Phase I but are safely stored away and waiting to be used in the next Phase! Thank You to Paul Hamilton of P & T Construction for hauling!

LSD Crew working hard to dry out the park for the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Sisters, OR

The Sisters, OR Skatepark was an AMAZING project. We were really excited and privileged to be able to be involved in such a phenomenal project. Spearheaded by Mr. Daniel O'Neill, a teacher at Sisters High School and Skateboarder, along with Sisters High Students and Sisters Park and Recreation District. An incredible amount of local community and business support and countless volunteer hours from local Skateboarders (Sisters, Bend, Redmond and all over). Excavation was donated by Robinson and Owen Construction of Sisters, OR.

Sisters Skatepark Designer, Daniel O'Neill, and son Miles with Liquid Stone Designs kids, Happy and Axl, during the Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Gold Beach, OR

Coos Bay, OR

Langlois, OR - Koi Pond / Kiddy Bowl

Liquid Stone Designs, LLC focuses on the creation of fun and highly functional skateboarding facilities that encourage a family atmosphere. We've found that when you have a skate park that's fun and challenging for skaters of all skill levels it provides not only a safe place for kids to skate but also encourages involvement from parents. Our goal is to create skate parks where beginners can excel at their own pace while also learning from more advanced skaters. Generally this allows the older skaters to mentor the younger skaters in skill, etiquette and taking pride in their local park. Building a facility that's challenging is important because it allows growth and improvement of not only the beginning skateboarders but advanced skaters as well. Skateboarders like to travel to check out new skate parks and if there is a reason for them to return, they will, bringing revenue to the local community by staying in local motels or campgrounds, eating in local restaurants and shopping in local stores.

Ultimately, we do this for the kids and so we focus on building facilities that they can continuously grow with, not grow out of. Let's help keep our youth active. :o)

Happy (Age 7) ~ Gold Beach, OR

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