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Ketchikan Skateboard Park

Sisters. OR Skatepark

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Have you seen our kids skate?

Curry County Reporter
Published: February 11, 2010

On a couple of occasions I've seen something going on at the skate park. I stopped to watch and was amazed at the talent of some of our kids.

I stopped in at a few skate parks in Talent and Medford because I wanted to see what the kids were doing. I've never seen anything like we have here. We have a radical park and it's only half finished.
It reminds me of the old surfer days. When I was 17 I went to Nebraska with a friend; when I came back I found my little brother at the beach with his surfer friends. One of his friends, Phil, loaned me his board and I was hooked. Everybody seemed to get along; it was good clean fun.

I watched at our skate park for a half hour or so and saw how everybody (‘the kids') encouraged each other, took turns; and the kids were very polite to each other.

I looked in from time to time as they were building the park and was surprised to see a couple young ladies on the crew. The whole crew looked to be in their 20s; two guys, and two girls. When I saw one of the girls finishing the concrete one day "that's hard work" I asked do you skate? Yup, she said. I thought so, the whole creation looks like something done by someone who knows and loves the sport. I don't know who found them but I think they found the best.

After all the years it took to get this skate park going, I'm excited and happy to see what we have.

Steve Corey
Gold Beach



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