Liquid Stone Designs, LLC
Liquid Stone Designs, LLC 
Liquid Stone Designs, LLC is dedicated to producing top quality, functional and creative concrete structures. We specialize in SHOTCRETE (see below), to meet all your vertical (and over vertical) concrete needs.

We do decorative and artistic concrete. Our services vary from concrete pumping to concrete finishing. We offer full 3D design services for every job. If you're not sure what you're looking for, we're happy to design for you. We are an environmentally friendly company and always practice green sustainable building. Along with skate parks we do retaining walls, sculptures, sidewalks, driveways, walkways, pillars, retrofitting, repairs and more.

Shotcrete is a low slump concrete that is blown onto the receiving surface after mixing with compressed air. It can be used to build retaining walls, foundation support and reconstruction, decorative walls, landscape rocks, pools, etc. The unique ability to shoot concrete onto vertical, overhead and curved surfaces allows the strength and durability of concrete to be applied in many more applications than traditional concrete. Additives, bonding agents and strengtheners give a Shotcrete foundation wall years more durability than a thinly parged cinder block wall. Shotcrete is the best choice for repairing foundations damaged by years of frost, water, and other harsh environmental concerns. Shotcrete will form a perfect bond to any existing foundation wall and can be applied below or above grade. Shotcrete can yield a compressive strength of about 4000 psi up to 8000 psi at 28 days of curing versus typical poured wall mixtures with a strength of 2500 to 3500 psi. Additionally, the greater compaction of Shotcrete achieved through the velocity of shooting the material onto the surface improves compressive strength and durability. Shotcrete is a proven, cost-effective and time saving alternative to traditional poured concrete and other concrete repairs. Shotcrete has a low water to cement ratio, low permeability and reduced shrinkage, making it the perfect choice for adding years of life to your existing concrete.
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